Our Mission is to Make Workplace and Career Change Easier.

“If change is the only constant, then why is it still so hard for so many?” - that's what led us to start Volonte here in New York in 2020.

What we believe

We believe that in a world in which skills, careers and workplaces change faster than ever, Change Readiness is a superpower that every company strives for. So we gave up those big Global Fortune 500 jobs and set out to build a platform that reduces change stress and helps organizations and the most important asset they have - their people - be more fearless and truly agile.

Our Leadership

Everything we do is fueled by our genuine passion for people and deep experience in world-leading businesses focused on the world of work.

Daniel Masata


Daniel is an exec-turned-entrepreneur with 20 years of experience at Fortune 500 firms, now putting his passion to work to drive better Change Management at large companies. Based in NYC, he’s also an avid mountainbiker who crossed “crossing the Alps on an MTB” off his bucket list in 2023!

Sanya Sharma

VP Product & Content

Sanya is a Product, Data, and Content aficionada passionate about making the world a better place, including through better Change Management! Outside of work, Sanya can be found exploring the music and theater scene in Delhi or indulging her infinite curiosity about quantum physics.

Paige Kuklenski

VP Sales & Partnerships

With 10+ years of go-to-market experience supporting Enterprise customers, Paige  is a passionate builder and connector focused on driving growth and nurturing relationships throughout her career. In her spare time, Paige enjoys traveling abroad, exploring the Chicago restaurant scene, and improving her skiing/water-skiing game!

Karen O'Boyle

Chief Customer Success Officer

Karen is a C-suite executive with 25+ years of experience driving growth in professional services organizations and delivering world-class leadership, change, and career transition solutions to enterprise customers. She is passionate about supporting customers as they flex, adapt, and transform. She’s a mentor and coach to colleagues and team members at work, and loves to travel with family outside of work!

Where to find us

Volonte, Inc. 230 Park Avenue New York, NY 10169 USA

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Good Change
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Digital transformation, strategy and organizational changes – or simply embracing change in new ways to stay ahead of your competition - there are many reasons to up your change game. Start now.

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