Change Readiness Is
Your New Superpower

Our Enterprise Change Management platform (ECM) and ChangeGPT™ help your teams thrive through any change.

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Enterprise Change Management

Accelerate When Others Slow Down

Volonte™ turns workplace and career change into proactive, positive, and empowering experiences for your most important asset - your people.

Change Mindset

Create change readiness with curated content and communication tailored to your employee’s needs.

Consumer-Grade Experience

Empower your teams by making change initiatives accessible and fun to engage with.

Data-Driven Action

Proprietary and external data along with our experience in human capital improve the odds of successful change.


Change Isn’t Easy to Navigate,
But Your Change Platform Should Be

Curated Content

Help employees get in the right mindset to embrace change with our rich library of workplace and career change insights — curated to meet your unique needs.


Take the guesswork out of change. Break down even the most complex changes into bite-sized tasks so you can drive your organization’s transformation with confidence and clarity.

Project Board

Empower employees to become change drivers instead of change passengers. Solve business challenges and get change work done faster than anyone else with internal projects.

Change Check-ins

Seamlessly capture data and feedback on your employees’ experience of change, so you can offer the support they need to adapt successfully.

Agility Engine

Build a workforce that thrives on change. The Agility Engine connects employees to opportunities and resources within the Volonte platform, personalized to their skills and interests.

Impact Dashboard

No more flying blind. Track your key change metrics in real-time and gain true visibility into your organization’s change progress.

“Change is the only constant in the Future of Work. I knew we had to up our change game.”

Mark Eberly, CHRO

“70% of change initiatives fail and in 72% of cases, employee resistance is cited as the main contributing factor.”

McKinsey & Company 2021

“Companies that handle change well rack up better financial performance - nearly 2x higher EBITDA margins.”

Bain & Company 2019


Key Insights for Change Leaders

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Good Change
Starts Here

Digital transformation, strategy and organizational changes – or simply embracing change in new ways to stay ahead of your competition - there are many reasons to up your change game. Start now.

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Digital transformation spend by 2024 is at risk of failing to achieve goals

Servicenow / Volonte


Expected gross job transitions driven by digital workplace evolution by 2022

World Economic Forum 2018


Of change initiatives fail. Employee resistance is the main reason why.

McKinsey & Company


Higher profitability for top performers in change vs. peer companies.

Bain & Company