Companies Outperform
the Market

Digital Transformation and change initiatives always sound good in the
Board Room or in Executive Meetings. But when it comes to execution,
most companies struggle.

why volonte

What Change Looks Like

By helping employees adopt the right mindset, navigate change, and get the work done, change with Volonte delivers more.

Without Volonte

Failed digital transformation and change investments

Falling behind in digital agility and automation

High employee turnover

Losing customers and growth momentum

Challenges in talent acquisition

No or low ROI on change initiatives

With Volonte

Deliver on digital transformation and change goals

Increase digital agility and automation

Reduce unwanted employee turnover

Accelerate growth and results

Stand out as an employer of choice

Leverage the positive Agility Flywheel effects


Change Starts and Ends With People

Volonte™ helps you achieve your change goals while improving employee experience and delivering ROI on your change business case.

use cases

Change is The Only Constant

Change failure is costly but avoidable. Volonte drives successful workplace and career change for employees across the organization in three use cases.

Event-Driven Change Management

Technology Rollout, M&A, Reorganization, etc.

Accelerate adoption

Improve ROI

Reduce turnover / increase retention

Go beyond awareness, focus on action

Change Management-As-A-Process

Ongoing Change Readiness and Agility.

Increase organizational resilience

Build agility skills

Keep people engaged throughout workplace and career change

Prepare employees for mobility and promotions

Institutionalizing Equal Opportunity

Improving Employee Experience and DE&I practices

Democratize access to opportunity and mobility

Distribute knowledge in the organization

Institutionalize organizational openness and readiness for change

ROI on Volonte

Volonte takes the guesswork out of organizational, workplace and career change for employees. The result is a solid ROI on your investment in our platform starting in Year 1.

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